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We are accepting new patients and we appreciate your referrals.

For hip patients, a review of the medical records is an important first step in the appointment process.   Although this can sometimes be frustrating for patients and, even though we understand that waiting is not a pleasant option for someone in pain, we ask for your patience and cooperation for the following important reasons:

Unfortunately, not all patients are appropriate candidates for joint preserving surgery because of the extent of their joint damage.  A review of the records helps us to more appropriately direct those patients to centers of excellence for joint resurfacing or replacement.

For the patients who are appropriate candidates, especially for those who live outside the Nashville area, the discomfort, cost of travel and time away from work, home, or family can make it difficult to make the several trips that would normally be needed for an appointment, imaging, surgery and therapy.  The information gained from the record review process helps our staff work with the patient to plan a comprehensive appointment schedule including the physician visit as well as tentative appointments for diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, and surgery.   Thus, a patient may be able to come to Nashville for one short stay of 3-5 days rather than making multiple trips.

To refer a patient with a hip problem, please complete the Procedures for Prospective Hip Patients form.
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